Support via Phone

The company maintains a nationwide phone service and offers support via phone in Finland.


The number 0700 84 600 (1.73 eur / min + basic phone charges) offers support when you want to speak with someone and may want to remain anonymous. All discussions are strictly confidential.


The service is first and foremost a listening service where the callers can tell about their issues, views, fears, joys, successes or failures, sorrows, problems, etc. The listener will support and encourage you in different situations of life.


The service does not offer therapeutic or ready-made solutions, but the listener will not discard the callers’ ideas but will help them to clarify the ideas and seek new directions if needed. The service can help you get new perspectives on your situation and suggest new ways to act. The callers may find new aspects to their situation by explaining their situation to somebody. Thus, talking clears the mind and will let the callers to understand their own situation.


The listener can encourage you to hold on to your goals when you need for support. The service is also available to you when you do not dare tell anyone about your views or when you are alone. You can call the service even if you feel angry. By talking with someone, the mood can become leveled up and the worst may fade away. The listener can suggest how to tackle or face your feelings if you wish some advice and tools for it.


The listener gives you the space to tell your issues, the listener does not judge your views or your thoughts. The listener is present for your cause. You can call as you are and tell what you wish. With the listener you can discuss topics, she can act as a mirror to your thoughts and, if necessary, provide you with alternative views or guide you in the new direction. The most important thing is that your needs become met and you feel that you have been heard.


Note that the EU regulations will restrict the length of the phone call so that you may only use 50 euros during each phone call and during one month’s time you may not use more than 300 euros for paid phone calls. After the price limit has been reached, the phone call will cut. This service is for persons 18 years and above.


If you wish to gain spiritual support, your inner balance or hope to offer something for a group or team you are involved in, please read more about my services on other pages. My other services offer something for a wide range of ages.


You are welcome to call,


I can hear your whisper