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Guidance  is ideal for a person or a group looking for stress reduction, coping with a difficult or new situation in life or at work. Guidance can function as encouragement, offer mindfulness or meditation techniques, solution-based discussions and coping mechanisms that will help you to cope and see the situation from a new perspective.


Guidance suits for individuals or for groups. The aim is to find coping mechanisms that best fit to your or your group’s purposes.  Guidance can be provided via Skype or in person in an agreed location that can also be in the premises of your enterprise.


Sessions for individuals last about 60 minutes at a time, but we can agree on duration and price depending on your needs. Guidance is personal and supposed to form a series of discussions. During the first session, we look at your situation and wishes, and figure out steps to your goal. Thereafter sessions are booked as necessary, and continued either on a regular basis or as needed.


Sessions for groups can be agreed to form either a series of meetings or as an event where your group get a taste of e.g. stress reduction techniques.


Different methods are used depending on your situation and needs. The methods include mindfulness and meditation, solution-oriented psychology, creative exercises, discussions, yoga and other forms of easy physical exercises that fit to most people. The service is not therapy. You can read about my background via services.


In case energy healing suits your view of life, you can also inquire to receive it. It is possible to offer it via distance as well. Energy healing is not science-based, but many people tell that they have gained relief in pain, other physical problems or improved mental well-being via healing.


We offer the techniques and encouragement to take the steps, but the client is responsible for his or her own practice and development. Nothing is a must. Everyone can practice as much or as little they want. It is always all right to decide to have a break, and continue when the moment feels right. However, the best results will be gained with persistence and commitment.


Sessions are booked and paid in advance. Concerning groups, we can arrange payment either together or separately for each participant. The order is made through the order form below or you can ask more information emailing pia (at) Order confirmation and payment instructions will be sent to your e-mail address. Also a suitable timetable for both (day and time) will be agreed via e-mail. Payment is made through the bank in advance.


Price 66 eur (incl. VAT 24 %) per session. Every fifth session 60 eur (incl. VAT 24 %). NB we can agree on shorter or longer sessions depending on your needs, and adjust the price accordingly. In case you are unemployed, retired, a student or otherwise in a financially difficult situation, we can agree a lower price. Please, do not hesitate to ask.

Order Life Guidance via Skype

Suggest as many suitable times as possible (e.g. Monday afternoon after 2 pm, Saturday morning 10 am – 11am) Note that the Guidance will take place in Finnish time (Greenwich + 2 hours).