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Guidance via Skype or in person is ideal for a person looking for new direction in life or aspiring spiritual growth, encouragement or support in life. It is intended to provide incentives, coping mechanisms, and strategies when you have difficulties in life, want to find a new direction in life or just need somebody with whom to share your thoughts. It can also offer means for coping with stress and function as mental guidance, or you may ask for healing energy or assistance when learning to meditate.


A session lasts about 60 minutes, but we can agree on time and price depending on your needs.


Guidance is personal and supposed to form a series of discussions and coaching during which we will look at your situation, needs, wishes, and figure out the steps to your goal. Different methods are used depending on your situation and needs. The methods include solution-oriented psychology, spiritual discussions, meditation and mindfulness as well as creative exercises.


During the first session, we look at your situation and wishes. Thereafter sessions are booked as necessary, and continued longer, either on a regular basis or as needed.


Guided meditation practices via Skype, in person or in a group. You can also get a 45-minute time to discuss your situation and make a guided meditation on your topic – either via Skype or in person (in Helsinki area). I can also offer services for enterprises and other types of groups if you have a group and wish to meditate together.


You can also inquire about the possibility to receive healing.


You can read about my background via services.


Sessions are booked and paid in advance. Concerning groups, we can arrange payment either together or separately for each participant. The order is made through the order form below. Order confirmation and payment instructions will be sent to your e-mail address. Also a suitable timetable for both (day and time) will be agreed via e-mail. Payment is made through the bank in advance.


Price 70 eur (incl. VAT 24 %) per session. Four sessions 280 eur (incl. VAT 24 %). Every fifth session 60 eur (incl. VAT 24 %). NB we can agree on shorter or longer sessions depending on your needs, and adjust the price accordingly. E.g. 45 minutes 52,50 eur (including VAT 24 %)

Order Life Guidance via Skype

Suggest as many suitable times as possible (e.g. Monday afternoon after 2 pm, Saturday morning 10 am – 11am) Note that the Guidance will take place in Finnish time (Greenwich + 2 hours).