Order a Power Reading

Power Reading is a personalized message to encourage you in your current life situation. It may be a few lines or a page long writing depending on what you need at the moment. The Power Reading is intended to provide faith and hope for this moment and the future. It supports and encourages you as well as helps you to cope. The Reading can be ordered either in Finnish or English.


In order to receive your Power Reading, please send your email address via the order form. You will get instructions to make a payment in your email. Having received your payment on our account, we will start preparing your Reading.


You will receive the Reading in the pdf-format in the email address that you have provided us with.


Note that the Power Reading is personalized. If you wish to order a Reading for somebody else, you need to ask for their permission to do so.


Price 24,80 euros (including VAT 24%)

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