Meditation and Mindfulness

Meditation and Mindfulness are the methods with which we can develop our mind, perception of ourselves or the world around us, and consciousness. They are suitable for individuals and groups in need of tools to calm down, manage stress, focus attention or find insights. 


Meditation can raise into our awareness the connection between our inner world, mind, emotions, and bodily reactions, as well as awareness of the deeper connections to the universe. Exercises can increase body awareness, identification of your own boundaries, and ways to cope with stressful situations in life.


We proceed one step at a time, taking into account the needs of the individual or group, and the skills of the age group. For example, calming can mean finding ways to calm down a life or group situation. The guidance includes meditation, light physical exercises or creative tasks suitable for different ages from kindergarten to adults


As we learn to understand the impact of our mind on our bodily reactions, our ability to look at our reactions before responding develops. We can also find a part of self that does not judge ourselves harshly, but can feel compassion for ourselves and others.


Guidance can take place in personal or group meetings or events. The service can be provided in the customer’s premises, for example, at the workplace, school or day-care center, at the premises of the service provider (individuals and small groups), via Skype or Whatsapp. When the weather is good, we can make meditative walks in the open air and cool off in the wild. We strive to find the means and the forms of training that best suit the needs and goals of you or your group.


The duration of each session can vary from 20 to 55 minutes, and the sessions can form a series of meetings. Mindfulness requires a certain number of appointments. On other types of meditation practices, we can agree on the number of appointments based on your or the group’s needs. In the first meeting, we address the hopes and wishes, the group sets common rules for the group, and the participants get a taste of the practice.


My experience is based, for example, on solutions-oriented psychology, meditation and mindfulness techniques, creative exercises and yoga, or other similar kind of gentle movements that I use together with meditation practice. Exercises are practiced together and independently as homework. The service is not a therapy. You can read my background, for example on the page services.


In all activities, the customer is responsible for their own practice and development. The purpose of the facilitator is to provide means, support and encouragement. Often, when seeking change, you need to be prepared for patience and commit yourself to the goal in the long term. However, nothing is compulsory. You can always apply the exercises or take a break and return to practice when it feels right.


The appointment is reserved and paid in advance or during the first session. For groups, it can be agreed whether each participants are be billed separately or as an entire group. If you are unemployed, retired or otherwise in a weak economic situation, we will take your situation into account. 


Orders can be made by e-mail pia (at), or through the order form on the website.



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