Alternative treatments that I offer include ThetaHealing ™, spiritual or psychic healing, energy healing and space clearing with energy. Furthermore, I write power readings of which you can read more on another page. You can find contact details and an order form at the end of this page.



ThetaHealing can help develop emotional, mental and physical well-being. It helps to identify and dissolve the subconscious, unconscious, negative beliefs and thought structures that affect our physical and mental well-being.


What we focus on our thoughts and feelings creates our reality. Yet we are not always aware of our thoughts or what the words we use really mean to us. We may possess hidden belief systems behind our thoughts. These may have been adopted during childhood, in relationships, in different situations of life, or inherited in genes, or they may be part of our collective consciousness that has evolved with the history of a region or culture.


Our beliefs and burdensome feelings may affect our well-being unless we recognize and handle them. During ThetaHealing treatment, beliefs can be molded into more positive ones that promote our well-being. Life-limiting emotions can be released and positive feelings can be brought forth together with more developed internal wisdom.


The name ThetaHealing derives from the level of brain waves in which theta treatment occurs. It is a 3.5 to 8 Hz range that is a deep state of natural relaxation, such as hypnosis or light sleep. In Theta mode, there is a connection to intuitive knowledge, which helps to make changes. Therefore, the changes will only occur with the consent of the person to be treated, and with the highest and the best possible way.


During the treatment, the client can sit or be in any comfortable position either face to face with the practitioner or absent. ThetaHealing method has been developed by Vianna Stibal from the United States. Based on my own experience on ThetaHealing, my life has changed tremendously. Not everything changed at once, but instead of the tiredness and burden that I experienced earlier, I started to feel more energetic, youthful and it felt like I gained some spaciousness in my life. My thoughts on the future are confident.



Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is a form of psychic healing. It is an exchange of energy where the healer transfers healing energy someone who needs it. The actual healing depends on the person who receives treatment. The healer acts as a channel, and does not heal as a person themself. The healer concentrates on the higher spiritual levels and allows the energy to flow to the other person receiving that healing energy.


The treatment can be contact healing, when the healer and the person to be healed are in the same room. It is also possible to offer spiritual healing via prayer or absent healing. In these two latter forms of healing, the energy is send to the person to be healed like in a prayer.


During contact healing, the spiritual healer can gently touch the person to be healed, the healer may stay still, or the hands may move around the person to whose energy body the energy is flowing.


The person receiving the energy will be responsible for how to incorporate the effects and new ideas into their life. Personally, I have experienced energies positively. As a healer I cannot be sure of where the energy is directed, because the “identified problem” for which healing is asked for is not always the original cause of discomfort. When healing this ‘unidentified cause’, the discomfort associated with it will gradually be dissolved.



Energy Healing

Energy Healing affects well-being by calming and relaxing the body and mind. During these courses I have learned about aura, chakras, energetical effects of stones, colors and essential oils.


The knowledge of these may be useful at some point in life, but my principle is that we can affect our lives best by becoming aware of the connections between the body, thoughts and feelings. In a relaxing state it is possible to understand these connections, and start to shape our conditioned – and potentially harmful – patterns of behaviour and thought.


During the session, I may touch the client if it feels necessary and is approved by the client. Touching can release tensions and memories that habit in the body. When treating clients from a distance, I will let the energy flow freely.


Important to know

Many people tell that they are feeling better emotionally, spiritually or physically after alternative treatments. They may have found a more meaningful way of life or way of thinking.


The alternative treatment methods that I use are complementary therapies and therefore not meant to be used instead of appropriate conventional medical practice. I will not provide diagnosis, medicine nor guarantee a cure.



Space clearing of home or another location

Usually, the easiest way to clear the energy in home or another space, is to throw away clutter and do a thorough cleaning. If this is not enough, and the atmosphere is still unpleasant, I may be able to assist either by giving a visit or from a distance.


Space clearing with energy is easier if you can provide me with the information of the location, points of compass, and a layout of your home or the space you want to be cleared with energy. Methods that I use are either intuitive Feng Shui or ThetaHealing™.




We can discuss about your needs and wishes, and arrange the sessions accordingly. It is possible to have a one off session or long breaks between them. The effects that you will experience will depend on your willingness or readiness for a change, and whether the change you wish will be for you highest good.

Order form

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