Pia Pulkkinen

MSocSc, BSc Psychology (single honours)

My background is BSc Psychology and Master’s Degree in Social Sciences. I am currently in training to become a mindfulness CFM®-instructor, and am trained as a physical activity/ sports instructor, energy healer, and Feng Shui-consultant. I have participated in individual therapy, meditation and mental training.


I have gained work experience among sports hobbyists, children, teenagers, physically or otherwise disadvantaged, mentally ill, and older people. As a researcher, I have studied (work) related well-being and return to work. I have facilitated solution-oriented peer groups and reminiscence therapy groups, and utilized methods of mindfulness, meditation, positive and cognitive psychology. I also possess experience as a voluntary phone help counsellor.


My view of life is wide since I have had opportunities to become acquainted with science and phenomena that science does not explain. Separation, grief, changes in the direction of life, successes, diversity of gender and sexuality, cultures, religions, various forms of yoga, meditation, philosophy, creativity and alternative therapies are familiar features of life. The methods I apply include meditation, mindfulness, mindful listening, easy physical exercises, therapeutic methods, imagination, and a variety of expressive methods according to the client’s needs, e.g. music (including sound bowls, drums, music or sound production), writing, and colors or images.


The service is suitable for individuals, couples and groups, of almost all ages (from 6 to 60 plus), with an exception of the 0700 phone service that is only intended for adults aged 18 and above.


I Can Hear Your Whisper -services


Mindful listener’s phone service 0700 84 600 (1.73 eur / min + basic charges) is a phone service that you can call anonymously on any issue. You can tell your views, fears, joys, sorrows, problems, challenges, progress, etc. The listener is there for you in a variety of life situations. The service does not offer therapeutic or ready-made solutions, but the presence of a listener may help you to clarify your thoughts, get new perspectives and find solutions to different situations. The listener can encourage you to proceed in your plans. The caller does not get to know your phone number or any other information about you unless you provide some during the phone call (read more in Privacy Policy). The maximum call price is 50 euros each time (about 30 minutes). During one month’s time you can call to paid phone numbers with a maximum of 300 euros. The service is intended for adults over 18 years of age.


Training services are suitable for individuals, couples or groups, and can be tailored to meet the needs of a range of age groups


Mindfulness and meditation exercises can influence, for example


– stress management, nervousness, anxiety and fatigue
– self-calming
– the development of concentration, focusing attention and vigilance
– self-regulation, body or mind management
– self-acceptance or self-image formation
– the development of human relationships or the attitude of life


A conversational service can focus on your life situation, where you want change, clarity or methods to overcome problems. We may include creative means of expression and mindfulness that suit your purposes.


Energy healing is a service that is regarded as belief treatments and does not rule out the therapeutic practices offered by traditional medicine. As a healer, I act as a channel for the energy of love that flows through my hands to you to the area where you need healing. It can provide meditative and soothing effects. Healing can take place face to face or as distant treatment, for example, via Whatsapp contact. You can be either lie awake or remain in a sitting position to receive energy. The length of a session, including the conversation around the topic, can vary from 20 to 50 minutes as agreed beforehand.


The services described above can be spread over several weeks or they can remain a one-time exercise, on which basis you can continue practicing independently on your own or in a group. Often, having a few training or healing sessions will make it easier for you to maintain the new exercises or habits independently.


The services can take place in agreed premises (offered by the customer or the service provider) or via Skype / Whatsapp.  Find an order form via this link.



Feng Shui consultations vary according to the size of the apartment / location. Feng Shui is an old Chinese tradition on how the life energy will flow in the room depending on where the items are located, what colour, shape or material they are etc. Consultation includes energy purification. Often, throwing away unnecessary goods and cleaning function as a first aid to improve the energy of your home. If that is not enough, I can help with home energy cleanup either remotely or on the spot. Energy purification can also be done without proper Feng Shui consultation on the apartment. The floor plan and the directions of the apartment are needed for the service.



Power reading is a writing that should encourage and empower you. The message is either written inspired or channeled, depending on your need and vision for spiritual affairs. You do not need to tell why you would like to have a reading. The reading is not a prophecy for the future but it is intended to give strength and confidence.



Other information 


All conversations and information you provide are strictly confidential. The customer can check and update the information about themselves and can leave the service. If the service is longer (e.g. Skype service), the service provider may keep notes for their own purposes. Information will not be disclosed to others and the notes will be destroyed when the customer relationship is terminated. (See Privacy Policy.)



On these web sites, you can find blogs that contain a wide range and combination of ideas. The blogs will be translated in their own time. The topics are gained from the experiences of my own life and acquaintances. They may have views gained via science as well as views acquired via the literature of spiritual development. Blogs are also published on Facebook and Twitter.



Quotations to cheer up your mind are found on our homepage, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


I urge you to always use your own discretion on anything I suggest, and take aboard the issues that best suit your view of life.



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