Pia Pulkkinen

MSocSc, BSc Psychology (single honours)

I possess a Bachelor’s degree in psychology (BSc in psychology) from Cardiff University, UK, and a Master of Social Sciences degree (M.Soc.Sc) from University of Helsinki, Finland.


My work experience consists of working with children, recreational athletes, elderly, handicapped as well as with those with a cognitive decline or a mental health problem. I have volunteered in a phone help line. I have worked as a researcher on work related well-being and return to work issues, facilitated solution-oriented peer groups and used principles of mindfulness and positive psychology in my work.


My view of life is wide. Life and work experience have given me opportunities to learn from a variety of topics: changes in the direction of life, sadness, successes, the diversity of gender and sexuality, cultures, religions, yoga, meditation, Eastern philosophy and alternative forms of treatment.


Service I can hear your whisper – Kuuntelen Sinua


+ 358 700 84 600 (1.73 eur / min + basic charges) is a supportive phone service in Finland. You can call anonymously, tell about your views, fears, joys, sorrows, problems, etc. The listener works to support you in your life situation. The service does not offer therapeutic or ready-made solutions, but the presence of a listener with whom you can clarify ideas, get new perspectives, encouragement and solutions to different situations. The maximum call time is about 30 minutes and the price is 50 euros.


Skype services can tailored to your needs and last for several weeks. We can look at your situation, create aims and figure out the steps to your aim. Skype is also suitable for guided meditation exercises, after which you are more adept at meditation on your own. In addition, you can inquire about alternative therapies, some of which are suitable for Skype, e.g. healing, messages from the angels etc.


Power Reading is written to encourage you. Your message can be either done as an inspirational writing or channeled, depending on your needs and your views about spirituality. You can tell if you want the writing for a purpose, but it is not necessary.


All discussions are strictly confidential in all of my services. The information provided for Skype or readings are confidential and will not be disclosed to other parties.


You will also find blogs on the web site. They combine a range of ideas and views. The topics derive from my own or my friends’ experiences. Some are science-oriented and some are spiritually-oriented. Blogs are also published on Facebook and Twitter, and they will be translated into English in their own time.


Quotations can be found in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and they will be translated into English in their own time.


Contact me – I can hear your whisper